Downey Party Rental, Oh my! Anyone who has ever planned a celebration or thought of one knows the drill. It all starts with the dream to host the best party ever. You have visions of Instagrammable setups, Pinterest-inspired decorations and more dancing around in your mind. Reality hits you like a brick: how are you ever going to get 50 chairs that match, a tent which doesn’t appear to have survived a tornado, and those other small details that transform an ordinary event into something magical, read more?

Downey Party Rent isn’t your typical party rental store. The fairy godmothers of party planning are here. This place has everything that you will need to convert your pumpkin-shaped party into carriage.

First, let’s discuss inventory. Imagine Aladdin’s cavern, except instead of the gold and jewels it is stuffed with every type of party product imaginable. What about tables that stay put? Check. You can find linens in colours you never knew existed. Double check. Decorations… Oh boy, they have everything.

Downey’s real strength is his ability to connect with the audience. No, you’re more than just a customer number. You can think of them as your party planning squad. They are always ready to help you. Have you had a sudden panic attack when Aunt Mildred decided that she was bringing the entire book club to your party? You’re in luck. There are extra chairs available and they may even give you some advice to help avoid a book club or family feud confrontation.

Some of you are saying: “But I would like my event to have an eco-friendly theme!” What do you know? It’s hard to go greener than renting, unless you host the party in an actual wooded area. When you choose to rent rather than buy, less material will be thrown away in the landfills when your guests realize that they can’t fit 50 folding chair in their apartments.

Downey makes the process smoother (and that is saying a lot). It’s a wizardry of sorts that allows you to pick out exactly what you want and have it delivered on time.

Don’t forget to be flexible, as life is full of curveballs, especially when trying to organize something major. Change in guest count? You suddenly fear your color scheme could summon a curse? Was it me or was there a sudden fear that your chosen color scheme might summon an ancient curse? They adapt to new technology faster than I can.

Downey Party rental is the unsung star behind many successful events. They create memories, and ensure that nobody sits in coolers.

Downey Party rental is your crew and compass to ensure that you avoid being marooned or crashing into Iceberg Awkward Quiet.

Get ready for less stress and more celebration! As you stroll through Melbourne, be sure to take the time to look beneath what is visible.