Are you troubled by the shape of your nose but horrified by the opinion of surgery to change it seattle rhinoplasty center. If so, you may need to examine a revolutionary new procedure called the non-surgical nose job.

Unlike conventional nose jobs, which necessitate customary anesthesia, a 1-2 hour invasive method, and post-procedural discomfort and downtime, the non-surgical nose job obtains relative results with only confined numbing lotion in just 15 minutes without downtime. The effects are immediately visible and last for 1-2 years without further treatment.

Rhinoplasty recovery

After surgery, you will need to stay in a hospital for one night and wear a splint over your nose for 7-10 days. While in the clinic, you may have dressings inside each nostril. Any bruising should subside around two weeks post-surgery, and swelling can take up to six weeks to recover. It recommends that you cease from not working for at most two weeks after your surgery, and withdraw vigorous activity for at least six weeks. A set of follow-up arrangements will be made to monitor your improvement.

How long the procedure occurs.

The aspects of a Nose Reshaping method vary depending on precisely what you are having accomplished. Nevertheless, there will be few to no visible scarring as operational incisions will be performed not only inside the nose but also along the natural nostril folds. If the bone structure adjusted, your Cosmetic Surgeon will work wholly inside the nose, so your skin is left unharmed and therefore allowed to shrink naturally to fit the new size or shape. The procedure usually takes approximately two hours and is carried out under a general anesthetic. Hence this is followed by an extensive aftercare programme.

How long it takes for full recovery

Recovery changes from one person to another, but we usually suggest taking ten days off the job and dodging sports of any sort for the first three months. You will have bruising and swelling throughout the nose and eyes and reinforcement in position for between seven and ten days after surgery. Thus, this removes the clinic, and we will give you ongoing advice and care. To help reduce the swelling and advise you to minimize the blowing of your nose in the two weeks following the procedure. You can anticipate seeing the full outcomes of your Nose Reshaping surgery after six to 12 months.

Surgical rhinoplasty methods are permanent. However, advanced dermal filler options mean that patients now have more control over how long their non-surgical rhinoplasty results will last.

A Flexible Duration with the Non-Surgical Nose Job

We recognize that some patients desire results that last only a short while and other patients are more interested in permanent results. Non-surgical rhinoplasty provides patients flexibility in the duration of the results that alone cannot be replicated by traditional surgical procedures. This flexibility offers patients more control over their results-results that are visible immediately and with no recovery.

A non-surgical rhinoplasty plan presents you the opportunity to see immediate results, so your new nose could be just a phone call away. If you’re wondering, how long a Non-Surgical Nose Job lasts, there is no simple answer-much will depend on your desired outcome.