Her wedding is one of most exciting days in her life. The perfect dress is the culmination of months of planning rhinoplasty portland. The bride will often face a second quest after finding The Perfect Dress. She must fit into the dress. For many brides this can involve months of rigorous exercise and diet, along with several carefully chosen cosmetic surgery procedures. Discover the top 3 pre-wedding surgery procedures requested by brides.


Many brides cannot lose their “last five pounds”, while they are busy planning their wedding. Stress, excitement and the anxiety that comes with a pre-wedding often interferes with the body’s natural response to reduce fat tissue. Liposuction helps remove the fat in the stomach, hips. thighs, buttocks. arms and neck. This procedure is particularly suitable for brides with almost ideal weight who struggle with disproportionate accumulations fat in specific body areas.

Grooms can also request Liposuction. Men may also experience stubborn fat accumulations on their stomach muscles, or around the neck. Liposuction helps to resolve these issues by gently removing any excess fat. Liposuction is a procedure that requires several weeks of recovery. Brides and grooms can begin this process a couple months before their wedding date to achieve the best look possible.

A plastic surgeon can recommend liposuction as part of a tummy tightening procedure to remove extra skin from the abdominal area. In this instance, the procedures must be scheduled at least six months in advance of the wedding. Asking the surgeon for the tummy Tuck Cost will help the bride and groom to stay within their budget.

Breast Augmentation, #2

Bridals who are unhappy about their breast size will sometimes request breast augmentation. Breast augmentation involves the placement of silicone or saline implanted breasts within the breasts. This increases their size and volum. The goal of this surgery is to create a full, natural-looking bust that makes the bride look and feel more feminine. A bride’s wedding dress can be enhanced by breast augmentation, particularly if the design emphasizes her cleavage.

#3: Botox Injections

Many women of today don’t rush to get hitched. Second and even third marriages are common. As a result, many brides in their 30s to 40s get married. Many brides are looking to freshen up their face in anticipation of the Big Day. Botox, a pre-wedding treatment that is very popular, is a great option. The cosmetic surgeon will inject tiny amounts of Botox in specific areas on the face to smooth wrinkles around the eyes, relax frowns between the eyebrows and soften crows’ feet. As a result of this, the bride appears radiant and young on her big day.

Some brides desire additional facial surgeries such as nose job, eyelid surgery, stem cell treatment, forehead lift and eyelid operation. You will need to schedule your appointment for any of these treatments well in advance of the wedding.